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The newly opened "Omesh Jewellery" in Bramalea

Omesh comes to Bramalea with his glitz and charm

Popular TV and stage personality and well established jeweller Omesh Singh has expanded his much publicized "Omesh Jewellery" into the heart of the Brampton-Bramalea community.

Last Saturday's momentous launching of the newest and most exquisite jewellery establishment in the Bramalea City Centre was a landmark event. Hundreds of patrons and well wishers lined up to witness the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony and later thronged the store with its dazzling display of fine and elegantly crafted gold, diamond and silver items. And there were much more to feast the eyes upon.

There's something uniquely magnetic about the store's alluring arrangement and a bejewelled ambience that is immediately inviting.

What was inviting, without any question, was the opening day's offer of a free gift with any purchase. This generated such a tremendous response that the offer has been further extended.

The new store is a product of the original "Omesh Jewellery" in the popular Jane/Finch Mall. Both stores now offer the most creative and up-to-date designs in West Indian, Guyanese and other fashion jewellery, according to Omesh.

The young entrepreneur is elated at this move he has made in opening up what he calls "a glitzy store where the jewels just dazzle you." With this store, Omesh feels he has outdistanced not only his West Indian counterparts, but many of the more established mainstream campaigners in the jewel business.

Omesh prides himself as belonging to a pedigree of the most knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen in the field. He traces his 'goldsmith genes' going back at least four generations, with origins in the mystical land of India where the craft has been perfected.

He also prides himself as having built his business on the altar of service and commitment to his customers. According to Omesh, "my jewels can be beautiful and dazzling, but my customers are my real treasure."

The new store is located on the ground level, near the Clark entrance to the Bramalea City Centre, Queen Street and Dixie Road,


Young Guyanese girl in Toronto for life saving operation

Toronto The Caribbean Children's Foundation (TCCF) has announced that 11-year old Vergina Seeram of Guyana is presently at the Sick Children's Hospital for surgery for a brachial cleft fistula. Vergina started off with a hole at the side of her throat, which later on protruded out through her neck. That side of her neck is now infected and the tissues are damaged.

TCCF is committed to $25,000 towards Vergina's medical bill.The Herbie Fund is absorbing the rest.

Call Jay (905-840-5369) or Vidyia (416-463-0469) if you wish to assist financially or send donations to TD Bank, a/c #0305003, Branch #1550.



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