Headlines Continued


‘Tis the Season: Summer is out in her fullest bloom and so are the picnickers with village picnics, family picnics, church picnics, political picnics and the full gamut taking up every green space in every park in and around the city. The smell of roasting meat on BBQ grills rent the air and there is cricket (the rowdy variety), tug-o-war, bag races and all kinds of games and frolic by all ages of participants. There’s the rush, it seems, to cash in on every minute of daylight that our brief summers afford us. We have given up all thought at the moment about the cruel winters that depress us for the greater part of the year. The above scenes capture the mood of the moment as (top) some of the ROAR picnickers pose for this shot at the Downsview Dells and (below) a group from among the Guyanese Presbyterians and Friends picnicking at the Milne Dam Conservation Park expose some of their goodies. 


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